Alligator Lacing

Alligator® Lacing produces an easy-to-install, economical, low-profile belt splice. Size 55 is ideal for systems with a PIW of 175 (30.0 kN/m) and belt thicknesses ranging from 3/8”-7/16” (9.5 mm-11.1 mm). 

Belt Fastener 2E

The Flexco® Bolt Solid Plate Fastening System produces a strong, sift-free splice with superior holding ability thanks to a combination of top-and-bottom plate compression and high-tensile-strength bolts. 


Flexco® Bolt Solid Plate Fasteners can also be used for rip repair. For jagged, lengthwise conveyor belt tears, standard Bolt Solid Plate Fasteners can be combined with three-bolt Rip Repair Fasteners. Rip Repair Fasteners can also be used to bridge “soft” spots in the belt before they become rips.  


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