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Merupakan Agen Conveyor Belt FENNER DUNLOP serta Pembuat Belt Cleaner, Rubber Sheeting, Repair Strip, rubber skirting, Polyurethane (PU) Skirting, asal indonesia.
about agen conveyor system, Alkabelt Menjual barang-barang umum sparepart conveyor belt seperti Fastener Flexco, Repair Strip, Cover Rubber, SC2000 Rematiptop, Tie Gum (Hot Splicing), Belt Cleaner Flexco, Sparepart Belt Cleaner.

Alkabelt Juga Agen Produk Kenamaan Internasional Seperti Bellebanne, Fenner Dunlop, Motorized Pulley Asal Amerika, Beltram Rubber, Longji Magnetic Separator, Steinert Magnetic Separator.

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