STEINERT Magnetic Separator – Permanent Suspension


STEINERT Magnetic Separator

STEINERT Magnetic Separator – Permanent Suspension

For every need there is a creative solution with STEINERT Magnetic Separator Applications:
Permanent suspension magnets from STEINERT have been successfully used for years –
especially where electricity is limited and lower suspension height is possible.
These efficient, reliable and durable magnets never lose magnetic strength, and are effective up to 350mm suspension heights above the belt.
This new generation or magnets enables you to consider permanent style, where once only
electromagnets would work. STEINERT Magnetic Separator offers widths from 40 to 180cm (16”-72”) and lengths up to
180cm (72”).

Technology STEINERT Magnetic Separator

They are suspended above a conveyor belt and attract the magnetic parts, pulling them up
and out of the material flow. For optimal performance, they should be mounted longitudinally
above the outlet of the material discharge unit.

Multipolar STEINERT Magnetic Separator 

Mobile treatment plants are a typical application for permanent suspension magnets. Multipolar
magnet systems and neodymium iron boron magnets increase the separating performance and
efficiency. At the same time, the weight of permanent suspension magnets can be substantially

STEINERT Suspension Magnets are distinguished by extremely powerful and far-reaching magnetic

Mike Stuart

Head of Sales , Intel